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From our many years of Fatcow reviews, we are rating them a very good scores. By evaluating their products and using their unlimited hosting for our websites, we know more about them and experience it in first place. To make our Fatcow review even better, we are providing technical analysis and testing in here. We checked on their product features and tools to make sure it works as expected. And finally, we have all the latest Fatcow coupons for 60% and 73% discount, and even our own $5 rebates for those writing us their customer review.

Is Fatcow good or bad? This is a web hosting company established since year 1998 and that is over 14 years in business. They’re famous for their astonishing shared web hosting service with load balancing technology that delivers the highest performance and reliability. All their hosting products are 100% green, this including shared hosting, all new WordPress plan, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. These key features are making them one of the top web hosts available today.


The current homepage looks like above screenshot. At the middle they highlighted their products and services are carbon neutral and uses 100% green energy. They are mainly famous for their unlimited shared hosting plan that includes impressive amount of features, here are the key advantages and why choose their service:

  1. It uses vDeck control panel with application installation wizard called Simplescripts.
  2. With unlimited storage and bandwidth (99.95% users will find it sufficient).
  3. Unlimited email mailbox and allows storing up to 500MB or 10,000 email messages.
  4. Powered by 100% green energy from wind farm.
  5. Fatcow coupon price is $3.15 per month and renewal price is $7.49 per month.
  6. Include various site builder tools and mobile site builder too.
  7. Include online shopping site and online selling tools.
  8. Include search engine marketing and advertising credits.
  9. Free one domain name per account.
  10. Free 1GB cloud storage space for your documents, photos, and videos.

Feature and specification

They have 4 types of web hosting products which including original shared hosting, WordPress hosting plan, virtual server and dedicated servers. Here are the products and pricing

  1. Shared hosting from $3.15 a month.
  2. WordPress blog hosting from $3.75 a month.
  3. VPS servers from $24.99 a month, 3 packages available and first month 20% off.
  4. Dedicated servers from $149.99 a month, 3 packages available and first month 20% off.

New WP hosting

Customer service is tested here. Once a while our hosted website will went down and having problem, this is when we have opportunity to reach technical support for help. For these years, their overall customer service is wonderful and we can reach them easily. And here is their contact number, sales number is 866.544.9343 and support number is 888.278.9780.

Our overall Fatcow rating is 4.8 out of 5. After years of hosting websites, our website speed is fast and uptime is great. We have seen a lot of benefits and advantages to host with thm and customer service is real human too. Basically, this is the most recommended web hosting company and everyone love it.

Rating votes

Fatcow coupon code and 5 special offers

What is the best Fatcow coupon for the year 2014? For the pass 6 months, we have spotted various promotion from them and we have a secret discount link that offer $3.15/month for their unlimited hosting plan. This is the best web hosting deal for many months and we highly recommended it.

For this 4th of July or the independent day, is once again offering one of their best web hosting discount price and now offering up to 60% in saving. This mean their annual hosting price is now just $40 per year. This limited-time deals is valid for this 4th July weekend only. Choose to signup for this Moo web hosing and celebrate the independent day with 60% off. Here are the four options to choose from:

  1. Choose Fatcow shared hosting monthly and pay $5 only.
  2. Choose 12-months and pay $45 for the first year.
  3. Choose 24-months and pay $40 per year or $80 in total.
  4. Choose 36-months and pay $40 per year or $120 in total.

Fatcow Coupon Save 60%

We have the best Fatcow coupon and those customer who choose to signup using our link will pays lower price and get to save more. Other customers who choose to signup without following secret link will get to pay $3.67 regular pricing. Besides activating this Fatcow discount, do remember to signup for 2 or 3 years and secure their lowest price. Choose this udderly fantastic web hosting and select either 24 or 36 months for $3.15 each month, this is 60% saving.

Fatcow coupon 60%

Another thing to take note is this Fatcow’s secret page will give you free mobile site builder as shown in above screen. If you choose to signup directly via official website, you are missing two things here. First of all, there is no additional discount price (when available) and expect to pay at their regular price. Next thing is they are not giving free mobile site builder tool.

Fatcow coupon direct signup

Next, we have spotted this 73% off and this Fatcow’s unlimited plan cost just $2.50 per month. This is a secret discount page and only valid for selected time. For so many years, we haven’t spotted this type of impressive discount and they are very unlikely to give it away easily. This mean the biggest Fatcow coupon ever is this $2.50/mo or 73% saving (on selected time).

  • The Fatcow plan regularly cost $9.49/mo.
  • Now just $2.50/mo.

Signup for just $2.50/mo

Most bizarre Fatcow sale at $15 per year only. This is a surprise sale and valid for short time period, for this duration their price is just $15 dollars each year or 86% discount. New signup can now choose 12 or 24 months and lock in this lowest price. Total price to pay for 2 years hosting is just $30 net. This Fatcow promo also includes the following features:

  1. Free domain name.
  2. Unlimited storage, bandwidth and email accounts.
  3. Free website templates and 1-click installer tool.

$15 per year hosting sale

Fatcow VPS & dedicated server is on discount too. Their latest virtual server hosting upgrade options are available with huge discounts. For instant, this VPS plan now available with 20% discount (no coupon to activate). The price is $19.99/mo or 20% saving. And the server coupon price is $119.90/mo or 20% saving as well.

This Fatcow VPS hosting plan includes up to 4TB of bandwidth and with customizable processor and memory. And the dedicated server plans are with up to 15TB of bandwidth, which is 3 times more compare to VPS plan. This server hosting allows maximum performance and superior service uptime too.

Fatcow VPS and dedicated server promo

This Summer 2014, we receive this ads and they are having this Summer sales. Create another Fatcow account for only $1 per month and use the Fatcow coupon code SUNDAE to get started. It’s National Ice Cream month, and this mean creating second account is only $12 for the first year. Put more of your great idea online for just $1 per month. For webmaster that having so many websites and existing account is overloaded, this is your chance to grab another Fat-Cow account for cheap price and continue to host even more websites online.

Create another account for $1

75 cent Fatcow promotion is here. For less than one dollar, we can get their new Wordpress hosting plan with free site builder. All these for price of $9 dollars first year and following year renewal price is extremely cheap too. Click following banner to go to secret page and view details. This WordPress plan 75-cent promotion is limited time offer. This 75 cent web hosting plan is offering with free domain name, 2GB storage space and 200GB of bandwidth transfer. There is additional 6 pages site builder and 100 website templates included. And don’t forget the $100 Google ads credits if you are going to advertise online.

75 cents promo

Get this free email marketing service and 30-days trial access. This email service allows user to manage up to 1000 email contact. Just signup and get this one-month free trial. And when you choose to signup, then get another 2-months free when selecting annual plan.

Free email marketing free trial

Get $100 free in Google Adwords advertising credits when you spend $25 in your new account. Choose to signup with Fatcow, host your website here with their budget hosting, and get this opportunity worth $100 dollars in advertising for free.

Free Google Adwords $100

Fatcow vDeck and simplescripts included free

Fatcow vDeck control panel is lovely. From comparison test, we know the new vDeck is better compare to cPanel. This vDeck is great in design and user interface. They make the page looks green and that is their corporate color and also represent their 100% wind powered web hosting service. Once again, this is one of the best carbon-neutral web hosts. Choosing their green service mean your websites are hosted green too. Our Fatcow review which is hosted with them is eco-friendly too. More about vDeck can be found in this page.

Fatcow vDeck

Fatcow simplescripts installer is given free. Previous Installcentral is now upgrading to this new simplescript that offers more straight forward setup process for over 100 open source software. There is wide range of software to choose from and all available for free use. Previously, we only find this advanced installer at cPanel hosting company including Bluehost and Hostmonster. This awesome tool is clearly one generation ahead.

This Fatcow simplescripts tool is accessible from control panel. With this new app, we can setup WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, forums (or any other CMS) with simple 3 steps installation. It takes less than one minute to complete the setup process and this is definitely one of the fastest and most user friendly installer tool.

Fatcow SimpleScripts

Fatcow CMS review and we have used our own account for real demo. There are many reviews online, but we can’t find anyone of them providing demo or test page. For this particular reason, we do the hard work and setup popular CMS apps at this hosting and give visitor an opportunity to see a real working site running online. We have setup demo sites for the following:

  1. WordPress test
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal
  4. SMF forum
  5. Oscommerce demo

Fatcow site builder software is including weebly, cm4all, sitedelux editor, and gomobi mobile site builder. And there are free and premium website site builder found in our account and user can choose to use any of it.

Three site builders

Backup your website and data protection

No matter how much you trust your web host to take care of your website, you cannot guarantee its 100% security. There are hundreds of ways that your website can be compromised. And while most of the causes of a crashed website can be diagnosed and resolved, there still are cases that are out of your control. Hacking and Web outages, for example, are just two of the most serious trouble you can possibly encounter. Either of these two phenomena, if not resolved, can cause your business to go down the drain in just a matter of days. But why wait for this to happen and just troubleshoot right after when you can put up precautionary measures? Your best option is to set up a website backup solution that will give you the security you need for your website.

Why is backup necessary?

  • Contrary to your expectations with web hosts, most of them do not offer to backup your website. Basically, it is not a part of their job to have your website backed up regularly. And while there are very few web hosts that implement website backup plans, they don’t usually share the data with their customers and do it merely for their own protection.
  • If you think that developing your site on your local computer or on a test site is enough, think again. Time and again, websites are changed and tweaked and you won’t be able to get a hold of the original version of your site. Also, most of the time, your data can only exist in one place, which is your website, especially if you run a blog, a forum, or even a CRM system.
  • When your site has been compromised, every second that follows is very crucial. You won’t be able to have much time to react. Websites that are used for huge businesses are more likely to have bigger damage. This is the reason why you need to act as fast as you can to get the website up and running once again. If you have a backup solution, getting the website back online will be a lot easier since you have the data you need.
  • Having a backup can also serve as your site’s protection against malware and viruses. Although it doesn’t necessarily prevent any attack from occurring, it does provide a convenient solution when necessary. It also automatically turns the clock back on every after an attack. This is very much needed since most of web hosts do not usually scan malware or viruses.
  • When you backup your website, you can rid yourself of the trouble of worrying about getting hacked or something. Ultimately, it will give you peace of mind and you can rest assured that your website is perfectly protected against web outages or hacking.

How do you set up a website backup?

If you are now convinced that you need to have your website backed up, we can proceed to the next step which is the ‘How’ of the process. Basically, there are three major ways to backup your website.

  1. Do it manually – manual backup procedure does not necessarily mean that you have to do it yourself. You can hire an expert website developer with experience in setting up backup, especially for CMS based websites. Be informed that you have to backup the database files as well as the static files.
  2. Make use of an automated online solution – if you can’t find a developer that you can trust to do the job flawlessly, you can always contact backup service providers which are basically experts in this task. You can find a number of backup service providers that are guaranteed to provide the security you need for your site. There’s Dropmysite, Codeguard, and Backup machine, to name a few.
  3. Use backup plugin – this option is particularly recommended for WordPress. Backup plugins only tackle the database part of the entire website data only. While it is not the best option, it is still better than not being able to retrieve anything at all. Some paid plugins are proven to provide quick and easy reconstructions of WordPress sites.

Storing sensitive data has been revolutionized in the form of cloud computing. It is the most convenient and cost-effective way to backup website data today. Cloud uses the latest encryption standards that are guaranteed to keep the data of your websites protected. Probably the best advantage that cloud storage can offer is its accessibility.

Keeping a regular backup check for your website may not totally appeal to your convenience but it is still better to be safe than sorry. For this Fatcow web hosting, they are now offering this free cloud storage space. Go ahead signup and claim this 1GB free backup space from them.

Free cloud storage

All about wordpress multisite

From our previous testing, we know this Fatcow is WordPress site compatible. Beside these, we are also interested at the more sophisticated WordPress Multisite version that have more to offer.

WordPress multisite has been available for a while now although not may people know its uses and advantages. Some users have no idea what it is or the difference with regular WordPress. Fortunately, this description will explain all about the multisite, including definition, its features, advantages and how to setup. Basically, wordpress multisite allows users to create/launch several other websites from the main site.

Fatcow WordPress hosting planWhat is WordPress Multisite? Back in 2010, WordPress released a content management platform version 3.0 known as WordPress MU. The MU stands for multi-user and is basically a configuration. This improvement featured the ability to integrate this into regular main WordPress. You can now create multiple WordPress websites on one server which was much more difficult in the past. Before this feature, one needed to have a separate installation for each WordPress blog on the site. With multisite, you only need one installation and other sites can be easily created from existing dashboard. The multisite configuration is now merely a feature that can be turned on or off as desired.

What is advantages of multisite? There are many advantages of using multisite when compared to regular WordPress. Besides the fact that you can create several other sites without separate installations, multisite configuration allows one to add more plugins. The plugins can be added and made available for all the sites in a network through a simple activation. Some of the plugins include gravity forums and user registration add-ons, blog replicator and domain mapping among many others. The main work of the multisite is to create a network of WordPress websites. When this is done, other features such as super admin with the ability to exercise control over the whole network become apparent. The super admin is given access to all the sites within a network and can manage everything. There is also a separate network admin dashboard where only the super administrator can access and manage settings. You can create several niche websites with specific targets and different domains that are close to the parent URL. When this is professionally structured with other technologies, it may result in SEO advantage in searches.

Where to use multisite? Although the WordPress multisite has various advantages, it should not be used in all situations which regular WordPress can perfectly handle. Small client businesses, portfolio websites and personal blogs can fully operate with the common WordPress. For hosting services where people can create their own blogging sites, WordPress multisite can come in handy. Every new blog is like another site added to your multisite network. Magazine sites university sites and portals are also some best potential for using a multisite version.

Setting up multisite. As much as WordPress multisite is a feature that can be enabled or disabled on the dashboard, the process of embedding this configuration is not quite as simple. You must first ensure the server can efficiently run multisite without hitches. Since it will use more resources than your quintessential WordPress, shared hosting servers are not appropriate for running such systems. The server must have sufficient broadband and CPU disk space. When this has already been ensured, you can then proceed to set up multisite. There is documentation on the WordPress Codex that illustrates how to create Networks. It contains step-by-step instructions that explain how to set up a WordPress multisite. The codex will instruct you to drop a wp-config.php code snippet. This code enables a network setup screen which contains all the instructions and guides in the codex. To enable the WordPress multisite, add the following line to your snippet code;


This line is to be added just before the /*That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging */ line. Uploading the code (wp-config.php) back to the server allows WordPress to run multisite. You can now set up the network which will require you to remove all previous plugins. Go to Tools, then Network Setup. A notification on the setup screen will require an Apache mod_rewrite module although this is available in most WordPress servers.

You will be required to choose a domain structure for the multisite network. There are options for sub-domains ( or sub-directory ( as desired. The last step is typing in a title for your network and clicking the install button.

WordPress multisite is suitable for websites with different departmental sections that are managed by distinct personnel. Schools and magazine companies will find this configuration very useful. After setting up the multisite, learning how to use and manage your network becomes a much easier process.

Pre-installed themes

Website marketing and online advertising

How can small business be advertised online? The small business can get better market only if they are promoted online in better way. There are chances for the small businesses to compete with the big ones only when they are making use of the proper strategies for advertising their businesses online. There are various methods through which the businesses can make themselves known to many people from various parts of the world. There are various things that can be chosen for the purpose of providing better online marketing for the small business. Evaluate these various methods and find better horizons for their business.

Search engine marketingBuilding traffic with search engines are the best way through which the small businesses can get their website promoted. The best thing that they need to do is to provide the website better chance for getting good ranking. This is possible only when the websites are undergone SEO services through which they can get better kind of exposure to the maximum possible way. When the search engines get the website of the small business get displayed in the top list there are more chances for them to get better kind of traffic as the users are able to see the website in the top list.

Making a good website. It is important for the small businesses to get their website designed in the better way. There are chances for the visitors to be comfortable only by the website that can provide with a better and smooth way for navigation and also fast loading. The websites can be loaded easily without any time which is what the users expect from the website that they are using. In most of the cases, the users avoid such websites that takes a long time to load. It is also seen that the navigation is also a very important aspect that determines whether the website is capable of holding a customer for some time of not. If the customers are not comfortable with the website it can make them move on which reduces the chances of conversion. Conversion can be possible only when the website is designed in such a way that it can make the visitors stay on the website for some time that they get a chance to know well about the business their products and services. The small business should be ready to spend some money on their website and it is good for getting the website designed by a reputed and professional designer so that it gets a authenticated look which is important for the business to look legitimate for the visitors who are viewing the website. There are chances for the customers to get better understanding about the website only when there is possibility for them to have better sales and better image on web.

Facebook ad creditMarketing based on customers. There is possibility for getting ideas related with the usage of references and also generation of referrals. The referrals can be of greater help for the small business for making their customer base get expanded to such a level that they have never imagined about. There are also possibilities for the small businesses to get better exposure if the customers are giving information of the business through the word of mouth. Social networking sites can provide the small businesses with the opportunities for them to get their business the kind of exposure that they always wanted. There are chances for the businesses to have their page introduced and made the customers like that so that it can visible to all their friends through which there is possibility for them to get the best exposure than any other way. Most of the population in the whole world is available in the social networking websites and so there is possibility for you to get your business known to many people by promoting through the social networking sites. There are possibilities for the businesses to create the page for their business without spending any money. They can make the modifications that they want. It is also important for them to get the business the amount of exposure that is needed. There are chances for the individuals get themselves the better exposure through their social networking page.

Managing the customer data. It is always good for the small businesses to make use of the customer data that is provided by them through the website is used in the proper way for increasing the sales. Make sure that you are sticking to the privacy rules and then use the information that they are providing. There is also possibility for you to track the activities of your customers and prospective customers so that you can understand the things that they are interested and then send the details of such services and products through emails and messages so that you can make them your customers at some point of time when they get the expected kind of services or products. There are possibilities for getting better kind of data from the customers that can be utilized and get better sales as well as exposure.

Marketing over web. There are various ways through which you can get your business get promoted over web. The advertisements that you give on the websites that have good traffic and also the guest posts and the links that you leave on the websites with better traffic can provide you with the kind of exposure that you always expect.

Business Toll-Free NumberImproving communication skills. There is possibility for you to share the various expert methods that can be utilized for enhancing communications in general, presentations and also speeches. There is possibilities for you to get the business promoted of you are providing some webinars, some fine articles. Make sure that the website has got provision for online chatting so that the customers can get their doubts or issues resolved in no time. There is possibility for the individuals to get their business get the finest way to promote their websites. There is possibility for them to try in making their image better online and making them legitimate.

Why choose Fatcow wordpress blog hosting?

They are now offering this specialized hosting plan designed for WordPress blog. This will bring your WordPress experience to the next level and boost the site overall performance in many ways. For now, there are two separate plans to choose from, namely starter and essential plans. And the price begin from only $3.75 a month only.

Why choose Fatcow WordPress plan? Comparing to basic shared hosting that is designed for all types of website and try to be most common as possible, this WordPress plan is optimized from the core itself. It has a more customized control panel and with additional WordPress tools, addon and support. In here, we also find pre-installed themes and plugins too.

For those wanting the most for their WordPress blog, the essential plan is the most suitable solution. In here it has essential performance upgrade and includes super speed hardware upgrade. Next there is enhanced security feature and additional protection for your blogs. And lastly they have WordPress experts to help you when you need technical expert to assist you.

WP plans

This WordPress specialized plans are first introduced in year 2014, and for the pass few months we are not yet spotted any type of discounts given to these plans. When we checked their price with other competitors, we can see this Fatcow WordPress price is already the cheapest and it really surprise when seeing others are charging $30 to $50 dollars for the similar products. This is really worth every penny and really bang. For comparison, we see GoDaddy business hosting selling at $17.99 and Mediatemplate selling at $29 dollars per month. And the most expensive of the all is this professional plan selling at $99 per month.

Wordpress Comparison

This Fatcow WordPress hosting plan is simply more for the same buck, its about paying as little money and get value from every penny. Most importantly, the plan comes with 30-days money back guarantee and this is the additional signup protection given to every new customer.

Here are some of the important features found in this WordPress hosting plan.

  1. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth for your blogs.
  2. Unlimited email accounts with no additional cost.
  3. Free domain name and optional domain privacy available.
  4. Free daily site backup and optional malware protection.
  5. Link to Mojo theme marketplace and buying new WordPress themes are made easier.
  6. 30-days money back guarantee.
  7. Powered by 100% wind energy.

Powerful hosting platform

This WordPress hosting is recommended to all beginner and professional webmaster that working on their blogging site. Regardless you are a pro or a beginner that blog online for interest, this plan includes some of built-in function to make your WordPress site even better. There is pre-installed plugins including W3 Total Cache to boost website loading speed, and there is Jetpack for social networking. You will have all the coolest features and plugins in here.

Pre-installed Themes

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