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This Fatcow review site is hosted with From our many years of web hosting reviews, we are rating them a very good scores. By evaluating their products and using their unlimited hosting for our websites, we know more about them and experience it in first place. To make our web host review even better, we are providing technical analysis and testing in here. We checked on their product features and tools to make sure it works as expected. And finally, we have all the latest coupons for 60% and 73% discount, and even our own $5 rebates for those writing us their customer review.

Fatcow review: Is Fatcow good or bad? This is a web hosting company established since year 1998 and that is over 14 years in business. They’re famous for their astonishing shared web hosting service with load balancing technology that delivers the highest performance and reliability. All their hosting products are 100% green, this including shared hosting, all new WordPress plan, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. These key features are making them one of the top web hosts available today.

Fatcow Homepage

Fatcow reviews on shared web hosting service. The current homepage looks like above screenshot. At the middle they highlighted their products and services are carbon neutral and use 100% green energy. They are mainly famous for their unlimited shared hosting plan that includes impressive amount of features, here are the key advantages and why choose their service:

  1. It uses vDeck control panel with application installation wizard called Simplescripts.
  2. With unlimited storage and bandwidth (99.95% users will find it sufficient).
  3. Unlimited email mailbox and allows storing up to 500 MB or 10,000 email messages.
  4. Powered by 100% green energy from wind farm.
  5. Coupon price is $3.15 per month and renewal price is $7.49 per month.
  6. Include various site builder tools and mobile site builder too.
  7. Include online shopping site and online selling tools.
  8. Include search engine marketing and advertising credits.
  9. Free one domain name per account.
  10. Free 1 GB cloud storage space for your documents, photos, and videos.

Unlimited hosting features

Fatcow reviews on other hosting products. They have 4 types of web hosting products which including original shared hosting, WordPress hosting plan, virtual server and dedicated servers. Here are the products and pricing

  1. Shared hosting from $3.15 a month.
  2. WordPress blog hosting from $3.75 a month.
  3. VPS servers from $24.99 a month, 3 packages available and first month 20% off.
  4. Dedicated servers from $149.99 a month, 3 packages available and first month 20% off.

New WP hosting

Fatcow review on customer service. Once a while our hosted website will go down and having problem, this is when we have opportunity to reach technical support for help. For these years, their overall customer service is wonderful and we can reach them easily. And here is their contact number, sales number is 866.544.9343 and support number is 888.278.9780.

Fatcow reviews on average user rating. After years of hosting websites, our website speed is fast and uptime is great. We have seen a lot of benefits and advantages to host with them and customer service is real human too. Basically, this is the most recommended web hosting company and everyone love it.

Rating votes

Fatcow user reviews and customer feedback. Throughout all these years, they have been offering good quality web hosting service and they kept their price very low. This mean a lots of positive customer feedback and we are glad to received quit some number of customer testimonials all these years too.


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Fatcow coupon code and 5 special offers

Fatcow coupon for Halloween sales, save 67%. Their Halloween sales is here to stay for 3 days in the raw; promotion valid until Sunday, November 2nd 2014. This time, we are seeing up to 67% in discount for their popular unlimited web hosting plan. What new this year is monthly plan is now available. During our test signup, we get 1 free domain name (for account primary domain). We can choose credit card or PayPal payment option. There is no physical coupon code to enter or remember. And this $40 per year offer price is valid for both 24 and 36 months signup. The 12 months signup is priced at $45 a year. Monthly plan is available at $5 only.

Fatcow Halloween sales 2014

What is the best Fatcow coupon for the year 2014? For the pass 6 months, we have spotted various promotion from them and we have a secret discount link that offer $3.15/month for their unlimited plan. This is the best deal for many months and we highly recommended it.

For this 4th of July or the independent day, is once again offering one of their best prices and now offering up to 60% in saving. This mean their annual price is now just $40 per year. This limited time deals is valid for this 4th July weekend only. Choose to signup for this Moo web hosing and celebrate the independent day with 60% off. Here are the four options to choose from:

  1. Choose shared service monthly and pay $5 only.
  2. Choose 12 months and pay $45 for the first year.
  3. Choose 24 months and pay $40 per year or $80 in total.
  4. Choose 36 months and pay $40 per year or $120 in total.

Fatcow Coupon Save 60%

Fatcow coupon price $3.15/month. We have the best web hosting coupon and those customers who choose to signup using our link will pays lower price and get to save more. Other customers who choose to signup without following secret link will get to pay $3.67 regular pricing. Besides activating this discount, do remember to signup for 2 or 3 years and secure their lowest price. Choose this utterly fantastic package and select either 24 or 36 months for $3.15 each month, this is 60% saving.

Fatcow coupon 60%

Another thing to take note is this secret page will give you free mobile site builder as shown in above screen. If you choose to signup directly via their official website, you are missing two things here. First of all, there is no additional discount price (when available) and expect to pay at their regular price. Next thing is they are not giving free mobile site builder tool.

Fatcow coupon direct signup

Fatcow coupon 73% off. Next, we have spotted this 73% off and this unlimited plan cost just $2.50 per month. This is a secret discount page and only valid for selected time. For so many years, we haven’t spotted this type of impressive discount and they are very unlikely to give it away easily. This mean the biggest offer ever is this $2.50/mo or 73% saving (on selected time).

  • It regularly cost $9.49/mo.
  • Now just $2.50/mo.

Signup for just $2.50/mo

Fatcow coupon for $15 per year only. This is a surprise sale and valid for short time period, for this duration their price is just $15 dollars each year or 86% discount. New signup can now choose 12 or 24 months and lock in this lowest price. Total price to pay for 2 years is just $30 net. This promo also includes the following features:

  1. Free domain name.
  2. Unlimited storage, bandwidth and email accounts.
  3. Free website templates and one-click installer tool.

$15 per year hosting sale

Fatcow coupon on VPS & dedicated server discount. Their latest VPS upgrade options are available with huge discounts. For instant, this VPS plan now available with 20% saving. The price is $19.99/mo or 20% off regular. And the dedicated server discounted price is $119.90/mo or 20% reduced as well.

This VPS includes up to 4TB of bandwidth and with customizable processor and memory. And the dedicated server plans are with up to 15TB of bandwidth, which is 3 times more compare to VPS plan. This server allows maximum performance and superior service uptime too.

Fatcow VPS and dedicated server promo

Fatcow coupon $1 one dollar promotion. This November 2014, add a second account for as low as $1.00 per month. This offer ends this 30th November and valid when used the “EASYASPIE” promo code. This offer is valid for all existing customer only, login to you account and proceed to second account ordering and complete the order by using the voucher code provided below.

Easyaspie promotion

This summer 2014, we receive this ad and they are having this summer sales. Create another account for only $1 per month and use the coupon code “SUNDAE” to get started. Its National Ice Cream month and this mean creating second account is only $12 for the first year. Put more of your great idea online for just $1 per month. For webmaster that having so many websites and existing account is overloaded, this is your chance to grab another Fatcow account for cheap price and continue to host even more websites online.

Create another account for $1

75 cent Fatcow promotion is here. For less than one dollar, we can get their new WordPress plan with free site builder. All these for price of $9 dollars first year and following year renewal price are extremely cheap too. Click following banner to go to secret page and view details. This WordPress plan 75 cent promotion is limited time offer. This 75 cent web hosting plan is offering with free domain name, 2 GB storage space and 200 GB of bandwidth transfer. There is additional 6 pages site builder and 100 website templates included. And don’t forget the $100 Google ads credits if you are going to advertise online.

75 cents promo

Get these free emails marketing service and 30 days trial access? This email service allows user to manage up to 1000 email contact. Just signup and get this one month free trial. And when you choose to signup, then get another 2 months free when selecting annual plan.

Free email marketing free trial

Get $100 free in Google Adwords advertising credits when you spend $25 in your new account. Choose to signup with them, host your website here with their budget hosting, and get this opportunity worth $100 dollars in advertising for free.

Free Google Adwords $100

Is Fatcow Sitelock security worth it? Yes, this is one of the best promotion prices for customer. If you visited Sitelock official website and checked their plan pricing, you will noticed the basic plan cost $49 a month and more popular professional plan will cost $99 a month. That is over a thousand dollars for one year subscription. At here, we can choose to get this domain protection for as low as $12.95 a year only. That is few hundred dollars in saving and please only buys from here.

Fatcow sitelock review

Is there any Fatcow renewal coupon code available? As you already knew, new customer can purchase this web hosting plan with 60% in discount and the price is just a little over three dollars. Once your service plan is expiring and you need to renew the service, this is time for renewing the plan at regular price. They are not giving any discount for renewal. The price is fixed at regular price. This rule applies to all customers.

How about Fatcow rebate and cash back? We do offer this type of web hosting rebate and provide cash back return to customer who choose to signup via our affiliate link. Anyone who is interested to find out more about our Fatcow rebate program can use the live chat service to contact us or leave a message. We will get back to you the soonest and provide you will clear instruction to follow.

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Fatcow vs. Bluehost vs. Hostgator – Triple top web hosts comparison

It is always necessary to compare Fatcow vs. Bluehost vs. Hostgator so that you will know the best hosting company. All the companies are among the best web hosting companies that you can use, but different websites will have different needs. This makes it necessary for you to try and look for a web hosting company that will meet all your website needs. All the companies employ the latest technologies in offering web hosting services. They have outstanding customer care services which will enable you access the best services. They have different additional services; this makes each of them unique in their own way. Some differences come in when taking into consideration the number of websites that can be hosted by the same account and the price of different services available in the companies. Here are reviews of each of the companies for you to decide on the best webhosting company between Fatcow vs. Bluehost vs. Hostgator:

1) Bluehost review

The company offers great services for those who will like to have successful WordPress blogs. It has robust software memory and easy to use cPanel. Customer care service providers at the company are always stand by to help customers resolve any issue that may arise when hosting websites through their website. They offer support through email, live chat and phone. Each domain offered by Bluehost comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You can pay for the services offered by the company via PayPal and credit cards. There is an offer at the company where you can have a web hosting service starting at $ 3.95 per month. Some of the outstanding features at the company include free site building features. The technical team is available all days of the week. They are always ready to assist customers on any technical issue.

2) Hostgator review

At $3.96 users are able to enjoy free email accounts, unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The customer care of the company is great, it responds to queries from customers with great level of professional. Any account that is hosted by Hostgator can be paid for through PayPal or credit cards. For streamline websites management, the company offers an easy to use cPanel. The company offers one free domain upon registration, but any additional domain will cost $15. Customers are also able to enjoy free blog migration services. Even those who have never developed a website before, they can easily get started due to the great assistance that the company offers to its customers. The company offers 45 days money back guarantee among other benefits. For instance, users are able to access over 4,500 free website templates. It offers 99.9% uptime guarantee .The technical support is available all round the clock.

3) Fatcow review

Fatcow is among the best web hosting companies available. It offers attractive features such as unlimited disk space and bandwidth to all its active customers. You will only pay dues at the company through a check or credit cards. There is a free domain offered upon signing up in the company. Any additional domain that you may wish to host in the company will cost you $10.95. For novice users, the customer care at the company is not very friendly. But, they have a lot of tutorial on their website which will explain almost everything you may like to know before you decide to host your website by the help of the company. The company offers webhosting services at an offer of $49 per year. This is a limited offer which you can take advantage in case you need to host a website. The company also offers money back guarantee and free site builder tools which will enable you build a website easily.

In order to make your decision on Fatcow vs. Bluehost vs. Hostgator, you should take into consideration factors such as your level of competency in building a website. In case you are a beginner, going for Hostgator and Bluehost will enable you enjoy great advantage because the customer care is available to help you in getting started. You will also access free site builders which will be very helpful. In case you will like to access webhosting services for a period of one year and pay at a go, then Fatcow will serve you to your satisfaction.

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Fatcow Ecommerce and free marketing credits review

In case you’ve been searching for a website hosting service provider, who helps you accept credit card payments online and operate a shopping cart, Fatcow Ecommerce will be your perfect choice. The company was established and found in 1998. Since then, the company has built a very strong reputation in the industry. Besides web hosting, it’s also known for other advanced and high end services, such as Ecommerce.

Fatcow Ecommerce also offers seamless and streamlined website hosting services, including share hosting, Ecommerce services, domain registration and more. Due to this, if you’ve been looking for a functional, powerful and reliable website hosting service offered by the company, choosing a full hosting plan for the business will be your best choice. In this review, we’ve discussed the features and benefits of the Ecommerce service offered by the company.

Fatcow Ecommerce features and what is provided? Most of the small business organizations on the Internet have found some hope in Fatcow Ecommerce service. With Fatcow Ecommerce, you can upload your shopping carts on the Internet without experiencing any problems. According to customers who’ve been using the service, Fatcow Ecommerce is very affordable.

Due to this, business organizations find it easier and convenient to install Ecommerce applications with help from various online tools. In addition to this, all the tools and resources offered by Fatcow Ecommerce are simple to use and manageable.

Fatcow Ecommerce marketing tools

  • Google Adwords Credit – Worth over $50
  • Yahoo Search Marketing Credit – Worth $25 for 60 day trial
  • Website Grader – Offered by Hubspot
  • Submitnet – A Standard Free Plan

Due to a wide range of marketing tools, Fatcow Ecommerce is very different from other web hosting service providers in the market. The company also offers a strategic pricing scheme to make sure everything is affordable. This also helps customers have a better idea about the services.
Reasons to Choose Fatcow Ecommerce

It’s worth mentioning that Fatcow has always believed in customer satisfaction. The customer support team always takes a friendly and competent approach to resolve problems and provide solutions to customers. In addition to this, the Ecommerce services offered by Fatcow can make your online company indispensable. This is possible due to the functionalities and capabilities for offering online presence throughout the day.

As mentioned earlier, Fatcow provides customers with a wide range of selling tools. This can help you sell products and services on the Internet without experiencing any problems. Some of the most important tools include:

  • Accepting Credit Cards
  • PayPal Shopping Cart Integration
  • ShopSite Online Store
  • PowerPay
  • Shared SSL
  • Wide range of shopping cart software, including Prestashop, Oscommerce, Opencart, Tomatocart, Agoracart, SEOToaster and more.

Fatcow Ecommerce provides businesses with a wide range of applications, such as Poll, Survey, Counter Tools, Gbook and more. It also offers affiliate and partnership program (Reseller and Referral programs). Businesses also love the top-rate platforms offered by the company, such as Load-Balanced Platform, Multi-GB Connections, 24/7 Facility Monitoring and more.

Last but not the least, the company also offers reliable programming services, such as PHP 4 & 5 Support, CGI Directory, Script Library, Python and MySQL Databases. With all these features and capabilities, Fatcow is able to provide the best Ecommerce services to customers and clients.

  1. Fatcow Shopping Carts – Fatcow allows you to choose from a wide range of shopping cart plans. These plans are offered by ShopSite for the company’s web hosting account owners. The standard shopping cart plan is called ShopSite Starter. It’s readily available for all the customers. It can be installed on every website for free.
  2. Fatcow Credit Card Processing – With Fatcow, you can easily choose from two trusted and reliable merchant solution providers for a credit card processing system. These two include PayPal and AcceptSafe. The services offer varying features. Thus, you should check them before purchasing one.
  3. Fatcow SSL Certificates – The SSL certificates customers get from the company are issued by GeoTrust. It’s a trusted and reliable security service provider. The certificates are worth $89.95 for two years and $59.95 per year. Some of the features include compatibility with most popular web browsers, 256 bits encryption, unlimited free reissues and $100,000 protection level.

With all the features and capabilities, there’s no doubt that Fatcow Ecommerce is one of the best choices for hosting a website and building your online business. The customer support is also exceptional, and you don’t ever experiencing any problems. Fatcow can help you setup and online business in the lucrative and competitive market.

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Fatcow database, MySQL and the most common problems

In shared hosting environment, users are given a small slot of resources and this including the file storage space and database storage space as well. For each CMS or database driven website that setup in account, you will need a new database to be created and used to store the user data in here.

What is the Fatcow database number limits? Some web hosts limit the number of MySQL database permitted for their account and thus limiting the number of CMS websites that can be hosted in here. For Fatcow shared hosting, every user will get unlimited MySQL database.

How many Fatcow database we have been using?For our review purposes, we will create new domain directory and install various apps inside and all these will use up new database. If we chosen to use the Simplescripts 1-click installer, the script will automatically create the new database and allocate it for the new website. For example in our account currently, we have Wordpress, Concrete5, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, phpNuke, Textpattern, Zenphoto and few other apps being setup here; each of these website will use a single MySQL database.

What is the current Fatcow database version number? Their technical support team will upgrade our server from time-to-time, and our latest MySQL database version is 5.5.32. This is a stable release and there is much lesser error associated with it.

What is the common error found with Fatcow database? The most commonly found problem will be the database connection problem in which the database process has been rebooted and currently not accessible. Give it a couple of minutes and the database should be back online and available for use.

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Fatcow vs. IPage: which is the winner?

In order to make the best decision whether to use iPage or Fatcow, as your web hoisting provider, you should take time and compare Fatcow vs. iPage. Although iPage and Fatcow are administered by Endurance International Group, there are lots of differences between the two web hosting providers. This makes it necessary for you to compare them before you decide on one. The differences come in when you factor uptime, price, customer support, features and other factors. Both the companies have been in business of providing web hosting services since 1998. This makes them the best companies that you can rely on due to their great experience in the industry. Here is a guide for you to figure out which is the best web hosting provider when it comes to Fatcow vs. iPage:

1) Fatcow and iPage price comparison

When it comes to price, iPage is a better option among the two. At iPage you will find web hosting starting from $1.99 per month. This is unlike Fatcow where you will be charged at $49 per year. This makes iPage preferable in case you will like to save more. For those customers who will like to save more, iPage seems to be the best option. Even without promotions, you will discover iPage offers the best price. Regularly, iPage will offer the services at $6.99 as opposed to Fatcow where you will be offered at $8.99 per month.

2) Fatcow and iPage feature comparison

The two web hosting service providers tend to have basically the same features. Some of the common features that the web hosting service providers have include the following; unlimited bandwidth and disk space and unlimited MySQL databases, free blog and photo galleries, free site builder, eco-friendly hosting, online help center , ticketing system, free security suite, marketing tools, 24/7 phone, chat and email support services, money back guarantee among other services.

As a way of helping customers achieve in setting up their websites easily, iPage offers a website builder program that helps people to set their websites even if they do not have experience in setting up their own websites. This is a tool you will find very helpful as a first time webmaster.

3) Fatcow and iPage performance comparison

Both Fatcow and iPage guarantees 99.99% uptime. Due to the cutting edge data center infrastructure used by iPage. IPage offers 100% uptime. Basing on uptime of the two web hosting companies, you will discover iPage stands out. When comparing Fatcow vs. iPage performance, you will discover iPage has great performance.

IPage has great performance due to their data center transfer infrastructure and wonderful hosting architecture. IPage has data centers located in Massachusetts area of Boston, they consist of advanced infrastructures. The hosting architect provided by iPage makes use of DELL servers and Dual Big balancers, which act as Web, FTP and incoming mail. All the features lead to efficient running of websites hosted by them. In order to ensure great safety of data, both iPage and Fatcow employ cutting edge technologies to safeguard their facilities 24/7.

4) Fatcow and iPage customer support comparison

Both iPage and Fatcow take customer support seriously. In case a customer needs help, he or she can easily access help from both the companies by making use of email, live chat or phone call. The technical support team is available all round the clock. This ensures the customers of both the companies are able to access great help whenever in need.

IPage has a support team that consists of highly qualified technicians in the field of web hosting. They are all from the US and they have more than five years of experience in the industry. The average response time of iPage is less than 30 seconds. Due to the great experience of the technical team at iPage, they are able to solve almost all problems related to web hosting whenever they are contacted.

Fatcow support team is a bit slow in responding to customer contacts. They usually take an average of two minutes to respond to inquiries. In most cases the support team at Fatcow focuses on helping customers who are using their website builder program as opposed to iPage where they offer all types of support to customers.

When comparing Fatcow vs. iPage, iPage stands out as the best web hosting service provider. This is due to its features, excellent performance, affordable price, and a web hosting environment that is very reliable.

View our iPage review and demo site here.

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Fatcow vs. Inmotion web hosting review and comparison

With so many web hosting services available, it becomes a difficult choice for anybody. We give below a comparison of Fatcow vs. Inmotion, which will make it easier for you to decide, which one to go for. Both Fatcow and Inmotion are two leading web hosting companies. Both the companies have a great deal of experience in hosting. While Fatcow is quite popular, and provides the hosting services for small scale and medium scale businesses, Inmotion provides services such as VPS, reseller web hosting, dedicated servers, etc. So, for doing the comparison between the two, one should take into consideration, factors such as features, price comparison, performance, etc.

Fatcow and Inmotion features and price comparison. When you compare the features, Inmotion seems to offer a varied number of features to its customers. One of their main features includes multiple scripting languages for doing the development of sites. These languages include Perl, MySQL, Ruby, PHP, PostGreSQL, Python, etc. Fatcow does not have most of these languages. Inmotion focuses more on the security of the site, and the integrity of it. It makes use of security measures, like the SSH Access, etc. It also adopts the Solid-state drives. These drives run about 2- times faster than the average drives. They also offer free site backups, which make the data more secured.

Their main feature of Fatcow is that they rely on wind energy for powering up the system, so they are quite eco-friendly. They come with point and click tools for site building, SSL secured server, free domain names, online stores, advertising credits for Search Engine marketing, and also cloud support. And, they also provide POP mailboxes, disk space and bandwidth.

While, Inmotion provides 3 different plans for shared web hosting, Fatcow offers only one shared web hosting plan.

The price of shared hosting packages starts with $19.99/month. These come with 1 GB RAM, 40 GB storage space, 1 TB of bandwidth, 1 IP address, with free domains. As compared to Fatcow, the hosting plans from Inmotion starts from $29,99/month. These include 4 GB RAM, 60 GB storage space, 2 TB of Bandwidth, and 2 IP addresses

When one goes for Fatcow web hosting, one will be able to have increased control, with the cPanel, cloud based flexibility, which will provide room to grow and scale, as per the business needs. They also provide world class support, and a guaranteed high performance, at the most affordable prices. And, they offer high speed mirrored SAN, and guaranteed memory.

And, with Inmotion, one will be able to get free solid-state drives, SSH access, unlimited use of MySQL databases, Optional access to Root, unlimited FTP accounts, easily scalable solutions, and reseller access with the WHM.

Fatcow and Inmotion performance, support and service quality. VPS Hosting: Fatcow provides for instant deployment, with customizable configurations. These come with free domain registrations, free marketing credits, personalized mails, and 24/7 support.

While Inmotion offers the VPS, along with free SSDS, which gives an option to the customer to scale further, if required. The options are quite flexible and reliable. The VPS comes along with more amount of RAM, bandwidth and storage. The packages for VPS hosting are quite affordable, for growing businesses, as well as dynamic businesses. They also provide for the full system administration, which includes the optimization of applications, and easy website transfers.

As compared to Fatcow, Inmotion offers more uptime. The uptime is almost 99.9%. With two data centres in Los Angeles and Washington, it enables maximum speed zones. So, the speed of Inmotion is much faster than the Fatcow. It also makes use of the SSD service for enhancing the server performance. The Fatcow is a reliable service, at the lowest price range. Even though, the uptime might not be 99.9%, they give prior information about the downtimes.

The technical support at Fatcow and Inmotion is quite good. The customers would be able to reach them through emails, live chats and phone. The site of Inmotion consists of various website tutorial, and other tutorials, which can be quite helpful.

After doing the Fatcow vs. Inmotion comparison, it becomes clear that Inmotion is a much preferred web hosting solution provider. They have more reputation in the market. With the amount of uptime that they provide, they are the most reliable providers. Other than that, they also offer various packages, which can suit all kinds of businesses, and they are more stable and reliable. Of course, the businesses and sites, which focus more on the environmental protection, and less on the price, can choose the Fatcow. Most customer that choosing Fatcow hosting is looking for a budget solution and want the most product for their money. This is the best choice when you are having smaller budget in mind.

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Fatcow vs. Godaddy web host review and compare

Fatcow and Godaddy are both renowned names in web hosting industry. Both the services are quite famous for their creative website designs and many other features and service. When it comes to Fatcow vs. Godaddy, it is quite confusing! Both of them have different and attractive feature and offer different benefits to their clients. For more details about these two web hosting service providers, read on.

This is one of the lead web hosting providers across the world. They handle their web hosting job quite seriously and have achieved a lot in few years. The service of Fatcow is loaded with a lot of features. It is great for both personal use or even for any business or company webpage. You can create, manage and maintain website hosted by this company. The comparison Fatcow vs. Godaddy will help you to know more in details about the features and pricing.

Godaddy provides a surplus amount of web hosting services and products to their clients. You will hardly need to go anywhere else for hosting website. It will provide you with domain name, upgrades, marketing features, SSL certificate etc. These are seriously quite important and one who is hosting webpage will need these services.

What are the pros of Fatcow? Here are some of the benefits of this service:

  1. Web hosting that is 100 % wind powered.
  2. Easy to use site building tools.
  3. Email facility.
  4. Application installation wizards.
  5. All in one solution for web hosting.
  6. Free advertising.
  7. 24/7 customer support which is very friendly.
  8. Online stores and selling tools.

What are the pros of Godaddy? Few benefits of Godaddy are:

  1. Auctions facility.
  2. Programs affiliated by Godaddy.
  3. Webmail powered by Godaddy.
  4. Cloud, Shared and VPS Hosting.
  5. Transfer or registration of domain.
  6. SSL certificates.
  7. Build the website on your own.
  8. Security tools.
  9. Godaddy designed websites.

In this Fatcow vs. Godaddy comparison, features of both are very important. Fatcow has its focus on a single shared web hosting plan. The equipment provided by them are quite good to satisfy all the customers and also their various requirements. On the other hand, Godaddy has limited features for each of its plans. It leads to choosing the most expensive plan to get all the features.

You will get free domain unlike Godaddy. Even the disk space is unlimited whereas the Economy Plan of Godaddy offers only 100 GB. In Fatcow you can host unlimited websites. On the other in Godaddy you can host only one. Email accounts available for Fatcow and Godaddy are unlimited and 100 respectively.

You will get customized Control Panel for Fatcow. But for Godaddy you will get cPanel. Fatcow is PHP supported but economy plan of Godaddy is not PHP supported. You will get $ 100 credits in Fatcow and no credit in Godaddy. Even the money back offer is available in Godaddy for only 30-days whereas you can get your money back anytime with Fatcow.

For the Fatcow vs. Godaddy performance, both are quite good. Both of them offer 99% uptime for the online webpage. Both the companies have a fast server to ensure greater and faster response. Performance of Godaddy is normal or rather mediocre whereas you can say Fatcow performs excellently. Both of them are experienced companies in the field of web hosting.

You will also get 24 hours customer support from both of these companies. Fatcow, however, offers live chat support system to help all the customers. This helps the customers a lot especially if they have any urgent problems. This is a great thing and thus it attracts a lot of customers.

If you compare the Fatcow vs. Godaddy price, then you will find both of them affordable. But Fatcow continues to give offer each and every month. You can avail these offers. On the other hand Godaddy offers several plans to its clients. But if you want all the features and best service for your webpage then you will end up choosing the most expensive package. So, while choosing between Godaddy and Fatcow you have to choose carefully. Keep all the features, pros and their performances in mind before your select one. After all, no matter which one among these you are choosing as your web hosting service provider, you are not going to be disappointed.

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Fatcow Drupal review and real test in shared hosting

For most people, a cheap hosting plan will be somewhere around $2 to $3 dollars per month in cost. If this budget works for you, this can be a good place to host your Drupal site cheaply. Yes, their shared hosting plan which supporting this script is now available with huge discount and this is really cheap in price.

Does Fatcow shared hosting support Drupal? The quick answer is yes. They even provide 1-click installer for Drupal site setup. And we have a quick sample demo site setup here. We even added some content to it, add image text, and edit the navigation link all together.

The provided Simplescripts apps installer is just amazing and simple to use. We spend a couple of minutes to get it right at the first time and it 100% automatically installed the Drupal site in here. It works surely well in here and we will continue to use this.

Drupal test site

Having multiple Drupal in one Fatcow account? Either you choose to use addon domain or subdirectory, install multiple Drupal sites is possible with these options. Create new folder for and setup Drupal inside here. Alternatively, choose to create Fatcow addon domain and place the next Drupal sites here. It works too!

From our own account, we setup this Drupal site for testing in directory. We can continue to host more sites in other directory too. This hosting allows unlimited MySQL database and their database query speed is significantly fast, for these reason it is ideal place for multiple database driven websites.

If what you have in mind is some serious number of websites and business, then choose to upgrade to their VPS or private server.

Fatcow Drupal hosting with VPS and dedicated server? When come to Drupal website hosting, we often being asked either the web host provides VPS or dedicated server. Lots of business websites that uses Drupal or Joomla and aiming for long term and they put huge investment into the site and want to make sure it works well.

Shared hosting service can be good for personal user, but not for business user that demand the best for their commercial site and hope to generate huge income from the site every month. For this type of demand in mind, user website can now choose to use their virtual private server (VPS) or dedicate server plan.

Their VPS start from $19.99 per month and available with lots of memory RAM and data transfer every month. That is enough for moderate size website. For even larger website that is demanding the king size hosting services, this dedicated server should be considered.

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How to setup Fatcow Joomla website?

This is a website hosted with their vDeck shared hosting. It is extremely easy when come to Joomla site installation at shared hosting. Right now, they are using Simplescripts installer and we can use this to setup new Joomla site at any domain or directory. When we first setup this, we use the installer and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

The Joomla setup path is as following:

  • vDeck control panel > Simplescripts > Joomla.
  • Choose installation path.
  • Enter email address for administrator.
  • Complete the setup.

Follow the simple guide above and the first Joomla! is up running instantly.

Hosting multiple Joomla sites in We know this is a great place for hosting Joomla CMS website. Not just one, we can add new Joomla site and continue to host more identical sites too. Their plan allows user to host additional domains and create sub-domain names. In most case, user can host the new site in new folder or directory.

  • Fatcow speed is good.
  • Fatcow uptime is good.

Fatcow Joomla site hosted and tested. web hosting is extremely affordable in price and it fully support Joomla CMS website. This particular section is a Joomla test site setup here with them and used for testing. Anyone can use this site to test and find out either they met user requirement. In here, we review their service and add content to site and evaluate their service.

Why Fatcow Joomla CMS site hosting? They have significant advantages compare to others and here are why they are suitable for this type of websites:

  1. They use load-balancing technology and this mean better website uptime, speed and overall performance.
  2. They are now offering shared hosting, VPS and private server hosting. Start from basic plan and upgrade available in future.
  3. They use vDeck with Simplescripts and in here there is Joomla 1-click installer.
  4. They offer unlimited storage, bandwidth and domains hosting.

Once again, this is a perfect place to host Joomla or any other CMS website. It is fully supported in here, they provide installer tool, and you are able to host multiple websites at no extra cost.

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