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Fatcow is a web hosting company established since year 1998 and that is over 14 years in business. They are one of the most recommended company and famous for their astonishing shared web hosting service with load-balancing technology that delivers the highest performance and reliability. It simply beats most other conventional plans in term of features, speed performance, and pricing. When looking for a budget shared hosting that outperform their price, this is one to consider.

Yes, is one of the best web hosting companies. From our many years of reviews, we are giving them a score of 9 out of 10. By evaluating feature and quality, we know they are one of the top web hosts. Besides using their service to host our websites, we have monitored service uptime and downtime every five minutes for pass few years. All these are part of our unbiased Fatcow review. All finding, analysis and verdicts are posted here. Web Hosting

Fatcow unlimited shared hosting is popular and suitable for most websites. It uses vDeck control panel with user-friendly SimpleScripts installer tool. In this web hosting plan, we are getting unlimited storage space, bandwidth usage, and database. This permit us to host multiple website independently and each site can use own database to store data. This is one web hosting plan to host multiple websites, and there is no extra cost to add new website into account. Remember, this is a risk-free signup and you’re protected with 30-days money back guarantee. These are their key features and our top reasons to choose them.

Fatcow vDeck control panel is lovely. From comparison test, we know the new vDeck is better compare to cPanel. This vDeck is great in design and user interface. They make the page looks green and that is their corporate color and also represent their 100% wind powered web hosting service. Once again, this is one of the best carbon neutral web host. Choosing their green service mean your websites are hosted green too. More about Fatcow vDeck can be found in this page.

VDeck control panel demo

Fatcow SimpleScripts installer is given free. Previous InstallCentral is now upgrading to this new SimpleScript that offers more straight forward setup process for over 100 open-source software. There is wide range of software to choose from and all available for free use. Previously, we only find this advanced installer at cPanel hosting company including Bluehost and Hostmonster. This awesome tool is clearly one generation ahead.

This SimpleScripts tool is accessible from control panel. With this new apps, we can setup WordPress, Drupal, Joomla (or any other CMS) with simple 3 steps installation. It takes less than one minutes to complete the setup process. This is definitely one of the fastest and most user-friendly installer tool.

SimpleScripts Apps List

Fatcow site builder software is marvelous. This free website builder is with limited use and allows certain number of pages to be created. There are premium upgrade that unlock additional features and allow more page to be created. Some site builder have PayPal payment integration at additional charges. In summary, they provide Weebly, CM4all, SiteDelux editor, and GoMobi mobile site builder. And there are free website templates within site builder and user can choose to use it.

Free site builder list

Fatcow customer service is tested here. Once a while our hosted website will went down and having problem, this is when we have opportunity to reach their technical support for help. For these years, their overall customer service is wonderful and we can reach them easily. And here is their contact number

Sales number is 866.544.9343

Support number is 888.278.9780

Fatcow speed test is better than expected. We have website hosted in our own account (a Fatcow customer) and using it for testing. It’s running from customer server and it should be similar with what you going to get as well. Our website with total page size including images and CSS is 261.7 KB, is requiring load time of 1.17 second only. And our latest website speed check is showing an average transfer time of 223 KB/sec. This is a very fast server response time. Average transfer time is almost twice faster than Powweb and Ipower. This clearly proof their website performance is more superior.

Website speed test

Fatcow uptime for our website is good. From our many years of actual monitoring and system check, our website uptime is good and scores a 99.45% and downtime is rated at less than 0.59%. Occasionally there is major failure due to server hardware software upgrade or unwanted service interruption on network level. All these failure contribute to less than half percentage point. For statistic, see following diagram for further details.

Latest website uptime downtime

Fatcow CMS review and we have setup various website here in our account and use it for real demo. There are many Fatcow reviews online, but we can’t find anyone of them providing test page. For this particular reason, we do the hard work and setup popular CMS apps here and give visitor an opportunity to see a real working site running online.

Joomla test at

Drupal test at

SMF test at

Our overall Fatcow rating is 9.9 out of 10. After years of hosting websites, our website speed is fast and uptime is great. We have seen a lot of benefits and advantages to host with them and customer service is real human too. Basically, this is the most recommended web hosting company and everyone love it.

Overall rating and verdict

Fatcow DNS configuration is simple. If domain is registered elsewhere, change its DNS record and point it to this new nameserver. Once complete, website can be hosted from here.

Once domain propagation is complete, setup your website and it will be running from here.

Fatcow affiliate program is our choice. Its now offering one hundred dollars for every new customer referred to them. You can sign up for a new account and join now and start referring customer to them. On successful, you will be awarded with sales commission. Now, payout rate is much better and increasing. This web hosting affiliate program pays more compare to most other and this is one good reason to consider promoting these product and service.

Affiliate program is with $100 payout.

Referral program is with $35 credit.

Reseller program at price you determined.

Fatcow Coupons and 5 More Special Offers


We have the best Fatcow coupon and those customer who choose to signup using our link will pays lower price and get to save more. Other customers who choose to signup without following secret link will get to pay $3.67 regular pricing. Besides activating this Fatcow discount, do remember to signup for 2 or 3 years and secure their lowest price. This is one time signup discount price with 60% off and you must choose 24 or 36 months to entitle and later pay only $3.15 per month as following.

Here is the best discount price!

Next, we have spotted this 73% off Fatcow coupon and their unlimited plan cost just $2.50 per month. This is a secret discount page and only valid for selected time. For so many years, we haven’t spotted this type of impressive discount and they are very unlikely to give it away. This is valid for selected time or occasion only. If you are getting lucky today and already spotted this offer, please don’t missed out and go ahead signup today!

Fatcow coupon $2.50

Most bizarre Fatcow sale at $15 per year only. This is a surprise sale and valid for short time period, for this duration their web hosting price is now with 86% discount. Net price to pay is just $15 dollars each year. New signup can now choose 12 or 24 months and lock in this lowest price. One domain registration is included free. Total price to pay for 2 years hosting is just $30 net.

Bizarre sale $15 per year

Fatcow VPS and dedicated server is on discount too. Their latest hosting upgrade options are now available with huge discounts. For instant, VPS plan now available with 20% discount (no Fatcow coupon to activate) and price start from $19.99 per month. Use following banner to get to this promotion.

VPS Coupon and Sale

75 cent web hosting promotion is here. Wait no longer and this promotion will end soon. For less than one dollar, we can get WordPress hosting plan plus free site builder and Google Adwords credits. All these for price of $9 dollars first year. Renewal price is extremely cheap too. Click following banner to go to secret page and view details.

75 cent web hosting deal

Fatcow rebate and money cash back is here, we are offering a small amount of rebate money. Web hosting plan are commonly available with special discount. These are instant saving and valid for everyone signing up for first time. Some online rebate websites are offering ten or twenty dollars cash rebate money and it requires up to 45 days in waiting. There is no guarantee they will even pay after months of waiting. Don’t take unsecured deal, only use above instant discount link which amount is deducted from hosting bill directly.

For our cash rebate, we are not offer $5 to those willing to write us their web hosting experience here. If you’re willing to spend a few minutes to write your user review and share your experience with others. We will give you a small reward in the form of rebate money. Go to here & fill up the form.

Fatcow promotion and more generous advertising voucher. They are now with up to $100 in Google Adwords coupon. With these credits, we are able to promote this review website and advertise in Google. There are Facebook and Yahoo marketing credits too. Here are some additional add-on marketing product for your website including directory listing for $1 per month. This is part of search engine optimization for your website and it help your site get more listing, exposure and even backlinks. Next, user can now create mobile version website and reach more customer, add this mobile site builder for $2.99 per month. Finally, submit your website to search engines and web directory for $$9.95 per year.

Lots more marketing credits

Fatcow SiteLock security now with offer price and start from $9.95/year. We can choose to add this Sitelock domain protection during signup process or at anytime after. This is third party security service and their lowest price is being offered here.

SiteLock security upgrade