Fatcow Ecommerce and free marketing credits review

In case you’ve been searching for a website hosting service provider, who helps you accept credit card payments online and operate a shopping cart, Fatcow Ecommerce will be your perfect choice. The company was established and found in 1998. Since then, the company has built a very strong reputation in the industry. Besides web hosting, it’s also known for other advanced and high end services, such as Ecommerce.

Fatcow Ecommerce also offers seamless and streamlined website hosting services, including share hosting, Ecommerce services, domain registration and more. Due to this, if you’ve been looking for a functional, powerful and reliable website hosting service offered by the company, choosing a full hosting plan for the business will be your best choice. In this review, we’ve discussed the features and benefits of the Ecommerce service offered by the company.

Fatcow Ecommerce features and what is provided? Most of the small business organizations on the Internet have found some hope in Fatcow Ecommerce service. With Fatcow Ecommerce, you can upload your shopping carts on the Internet without experiencing any problems. According to customers who’ve been using the service, Fatcow Ecommerce is very affordable.

Due to this, business organizations find it easier and convenient to install Ecommerce applications with help from various online tools. In addition to this, all the tools and resources offered by Fatcow Ecommerce are simple to use and manageable.

Fatcow Ecommerce marketing tools

  • Google Adwords Credit – Worth over $50
  • Yahoo Search Marketing Credit – Worth $25 for 60 day trial
  • Website Grader – Offered by Hubspot
  • Submitnet – A Standard Free Plan

Due to a wide range of marketing tools, Fatcow Ecommerce is very different from other web hosting service providers in the market. The company also offers a strategic pricing scheme to make sure everything is affordable. This also helps customers have a better idea about the services.
Reasons to Choose Fatcow Ecommerce

It’s worth mentioning that Fatcow has always believed in customer satisfaction. The customer support team always takes a friendly and competent approach to resolve problems and provide solutions to customers. In addition to this, the Ecommerce services offered by Fatcow can make your online company indispensable. This is possible due to the functionalities and capabilities for offering online presence throughout the day.

As mentioned earlier, Fatcow provides customers with a wide range of selling tools. This can help you sell products and services on the Internet without experiencing any problems. Some of the most important tools include:

  • Accepting Credit Cards
  • PayPal Shopping Cart Integration
  • ShopSite Online Store
  • PowerPay
  • Shared SSL
  • Wide range of shopping cart software, including Prestashop, Oscommerce, Opencart, Tomatocart, Agoracart, SEOToaster and more.

Fatcow Ecommerce provides businesses with a wide range of applications, such as Poll, Survey, Counter Tools, Gbook and more. It also offers affiliate and partnership program (Reseller and Referral programs). Businesses also love the top-rate platforms offered by the company, such as Load-Balanced Platform, Multi-GB Connections, 24/7 Facility Monitoring and more.

Last but not the least, the company also offers reliable programming services, such as PHP 4 & 5 Support, CGI Directory, Script Library, Python and MySQL Databases. With all these features and capabilities, Fatcow is able to provide the best Ecommerce services to customers and clients.

  1. Fatcow Shopping Carts – Fatcow allows you to choose from a wide range of shopping cart plans. These plans are offered by ShopSite for the company’s web hosting account owners. The standard shopping cart plan is called ShopSite Starter. It’s readily available for all the customers. It can be installed on every website for free.
  2. Fatcow Credit Card Processing – With Fatcow, you can easily choose from two trusted and reliable merchant solution providers for a credit card processing system. These two include PayPal and AcceptSafe. The services offer varying features. Thus, you should check them before purchasing one.
  3. Fatcow SSL Certificates – The SSL certificates customers get from the company are issued by GeoTrust. It’s a trusted and reliable security service provider. The certificates are worth $89.95 for two years and $59.95 per year. Some of the features include compatibility with most popular web browsers, 256 bits encryption, unlimited free reissues and $100,000 protection level.

With all the features and capabilities, there’s no doubt that Fatcow Ecommerce is one of the best choices for hosting a website and building your online business. The customer support is also exceptional, and you don’t ever experiencing any problems. Fatcow can help you setup and online business in the lucrative and competitive market.